Al Hassan Brothers

Formed in the summer of 2015 by Ali, Haitham, Mahmoud and Hassan, Al Hassan Brothers, became a vehicle for the influences and compositional talents of the group of four Kuwaiti guitarists.


Their music is inspired by a variety of musical backgrounds, Echoes of music ranging from classical, to jazz, to rock, to flamenco, to Celtic, to bluegrass & Kuwaiti folk can be heard in Al Hassan Brother’s music.


The groups songs are performed of contemporary guitar melodies, and various languages: Spanish, Arabic, & English. Keeping true to Latin and Spanish guitar techniques the band’s music combines Latin guitar and Rumba Flamenco fused with middle eastern melodies, creating a distinctive and contemporary style.


It is no surprise that this eclectic blend of influences has led to a sound that is a truly unique one.


Signed to AJNA Records in 2016, and look forward to the release of their debut album on the 12th of April 2017.

Ali Al Hassan

Mahmoud Al Hassan

Haitham Al Hassan

Hassan Al Hassan